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How to Use the St. Petersburg Metro

St. Petersburg is beautiful city, not only above ground, but also underground! Its metro stations are so exquisite, they belong into an art gallery. And you can marvel at them for the cost of just one metro ride! Technically, you can probably stay in St. Petersburg for a few days without using the metro. Want to see the Hermitage? You can walk. St. Isaac’s Cathedral? Walk. The Summer Garden? Walk! But would you really want to miss out on the great opportunity to see Europe’s deepest metro? Stand on the escalator for, I kid you not, literally five minutes? Of course not. That’s why this guide is here to help you get oriented.

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How to use the Moscow Metro

Not only is Moscow too large to be walking around on foot all the time, it also has some of the world’s most beautiful metro stations. If not out of convenience or necessity, you should just check out the Moscow metro for its splendor.

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The Best Souvenirs from Russia

Russia has a very rich tradition of folk arts and crafts from all corners of the land. These handicraft souvenirs give you a peek into the artistic and folk traditions of Russia which have persevered throughout the centuries despite all the odds.

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Russian Customs Rules for Travelers

When planning your trip to Russia and then, when shopping during the trip, it's important to know the things that you can bring into and take out of Russia. Russian customs rules are similar to those in the West, still there might be some surprises. Please study the information below to make sure that you are not buying souvenirs that might be too valuable or too much caviar.

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Medical Help and Prescription Medication in Russia

Travelling to Russia is no more unsafe than travelling to any other European country. But accidents or illnesses do happen, and it is wise to be prepared to ensure that you have the safest and most comfortable trip possible.

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Best Time to visit Russia

The stereotype that Russia has a cold and generally miserably climate has, as all stereotypes do, a drop of truth and a bucket-load of fallacy. Yes, due to their latitude, the main northern cities can get rather chilly in winter but that doesn’t mean winter is a whole-year affair. It’s difficult to generalize when talking about such large swathes of land but, as the majority of Russia is landlocked, summers tend to be a lot warmer than most people expect.

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Food and Drink in Russia

Russia is a multinational, multicultural state with many different cuisines that visitors can sample. Since the end of the Soviet Union many other cuisines have become available throughout the country, and international food trends are increasingly incorporated into the Russian food scene. There is also a huge variety available in Russia’s supermarkets, and with a little effort you will be able to cook your favourite meal. Read on to discover more information about what’s available and what prices you can expect.

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Tipping in Russia

A little goes a long way in Russia. Restaurants, theatres, taxis, tours; you name it, everything’s a bargain when the rate is ±60 roubles to the dollar. The same applies to tips. Though one could be generous and tip as one would at home, often as little as $3 will please most people. As in Europe, tips in Russia are not necessary though they are greatly appreciated.

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Time Zones in Russia

Russia covers a vast territory and stenches along 11 time zones.

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What to See and Where to Begin?

With Russia covering more than ⅛ of the world's inhabited land, it can be quite daunting deciding on what you want to see when you come to visit this vast country. Because of its size, there is a huge range of different opportunities to be had when travelling around the country.

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How to pack for a trip to Russia

One of the biggest questions before travelling anywhere, is what to pack. But for those going to Russia, this can be simpler than expected because essentially, Russia only has two seasons, winter and summer. Read on to find out what to pack, and how to be comfortable and prepared in every situation.

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Smoking in Russia

Smoking in Russia is definitely a thing. You can see people smoking on the streets all the time. If you look at the facts, that’s hardly a surprise: according to smokefreeworld, nearly a third of Russia’s adults smoke, making it one of the largest adult smoking populations in Europe. All in all, it ranks 10th in a worldwide comparison. And even though the legal age to purchase tobacco is 18, about 35 million adolescents smoke.

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Money and Currency in Russia

The currency used in Russia is called the Russian ruble (рубль) sometimes written as rouble. One ruble is worth 100 kopeks (копейка). The Russian ruble is used in Russia, in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and in the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. Be careful if you’ve recently been to Belarus, because even though their currency is also called the ruble, it’s different - it’s the Belarusian ruble.

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Safety While in Russia

Despite political tensions between Russia and other countries, this rarely affects those travelling there. Russia is no less safe for tourists than other European countries if you exercise the same common sense as you would do when travelling anywhere.

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