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Trans Siberian trains and tickets

The following section displays the various Trans-Siberian train routes and specific Trans-Siberian trains as well as arrival and departure schedules.

Trans Siberian trains
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The #061/062 train is a non-branded train, with older rolling stock than the Rossiya train. However it makes fewer stop and travels between Moscow and Vladivostok more quickly. The train has first, second and third-class carriages.

  • 062М
    Trip time: 151:22 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky
  • 061М
    Trip time: 139:08 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky

A journey on the Trans-Siberian Express train 'Rossiya' is the longest train ride in the world. It departs from Yaroslavsky train station in Moscow and after crossing two continents and six time zones, arrives in Vladivostok 6 days later. The train stops in approximately 90 cities. The train has first, second and third-class carriages and a nice dining car with a special menu for passengers. The Rossiya is considered one of the best trains in Russia in terms of service, friendliness of staff and upkeep.

  • 002Э
    Trip time: 173:48 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky
  • 001Э
    Trip time: 155:55 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

To get the best deals, book 90 days ahead of your trip. Prices vary based on the class booked. The lowest price is available in third class in the winter (Oct-Feb). This would be about $120. On the other end, if you travel in summer in first class, one ticket starts at around $1000.

Trains are reasonably safe in Russia. Common sense should keep you safe. The cabins have locks, and the doors can be chained from the inside. Police officers and staff patrol the hallways. Travel documents and money shouldn’t be left behind. Do not accept drinks from other travelers.

“The Trans-Siberian Express” is not an actual train.  “Trans-Siberian” is simply the name of the train route from Moscow to Vladivostok. It’s the world’s longest continuous train route. Two trains currently run this route. The famous #001/002 Rossiya is a branded line, and #061/062 is a normal train.

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