What to See and Where to Begin?

What to See in Russia

What are the Best Places to Visit in Russia?

  • Go to Moscow and St. Petersburg for cultural experience, restaurants and nightlife
  • Visit the Golden Ring towns to learn about ancient Russian history
  • Travel to Lake Baikal to admire magnificent nature
  • Take a Trans-Siberian train and cross 7 time zones to see all of Russia!

With Russia covering more than ⅛ of the world's inhabited land, it can be quite daunting deciding on what you want to see when you come to visit this vast country. Because of its size, there is a huge range of different opportunities to be had when travelling around the country.

Big Cities

What to See in Russia - Big Cities

If it's a big city full of history and culture that you want, then you should consider visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. Whilst Moscow is the contemporary hub of the country, and the economic and political centre, it does offer many historical and cultural opportunities too. But if it's imperial and majestic history that you want from your time in Russia, then St. Petersburg will be the city for you. However, it shouldn't be thought that there are only two destinations in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, because these two cities barely even touch on revealing the delights of Russia.

Ancient History

What to See in Russia - Ancient History

Still in close proximity to Moscow, and an easy addition to any trip to the city, is the tour of the Golden Ring, a group of medieval cities located to the Northeast of Moscow. The ancient architecture sends you back to a time of Russian princes and knights which evokes truly unforgettable experiences.

Beautiful Nature

What to See in Russia - Nature

Moving away from cities, if incredible landscapes are what you want then you may need to travel further afield. One possibility is to travel along the Neva River on a river cruise, stopping off at some of the smaller, less-known cities, but at the same time getting the chance to see the country from a different perspective.
An incredible natural wonder, which has to be seen to be believed, is Lake Baikal. This is the largest freshwater lake in the world and is home to thousands of plant and animal species which can be seen nowhere else in the world. If you have the time to travel here, then it's definitely worth it, as you will have seen nothing like it ever before!


Adventures in Russia

If you want to be even more adventurous then maybe a trip along the Trans-Siberian railway would cover your demands. Being the longest railroad in the world, and spanning across 7 different time zones, the Trans-Siberian allows you to see as much of Russia as possible in a short space of time. Starting in the capital city, Moscow, the train heads east and takes you through some of Russia's breath-taking landscapes. The Trans-Siberian adds the possibility to end your journey in an altogether different culture - Beijing, China. There is no other railroad network like it in the world, so if you want to truly experience as much as possible that Russia has to offer, then this is the trip for you.


Russia definitely has something to offer everyone and whatever you choose to do, you will leave the country desperate to discover more of what this strange, but wonderful, country has install. Have a look and let us know what interests you, so that we can provide you with more details.

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