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Trains between Germany and Russia

There are quite a few ways to travel from Europe to Russia including trains from Germany, Finland, Poland and all of the Baltic States. Please note: a transit visa is required for trains that stop or go through Belarus. If you travel from Germany there is a direct train going from Berlin to Moscow. Also there are a few daily trains from Berlin to Warsaw. To receive Russian train schedules and Russian train ticket prices as well as to have the opportunity to order Russian train tickets online, please use our Russian train tickets page or use the search engine on this page.

The Moscow – Berlin – Paris train covers the distance of 2740 km it 3017 km (depending on direction) and goes through 5 countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and France. This is a fast train with an increased level of service called a "firmenny" train. In 2015, all carriages were replaced with those of the new RIC modification. Three types of carriages are available on this train: VIP 1st class, regular 1st class and 2nd class carriages.

  • 024Б
    Trip time: 38:47 hours
    Paris East
    Moscow Belorussky
  • 024Й
    Trip time: 38:47 hours
    Paris East
    Moscow Belorussky
  • 023Й
    Trip time: 41:23 hours
    Moscow Belorussky
    Paris East
  • 023Ч
    Trip time: 39:33 hours
    Moscow Belorussky
    Paris East

The Moscow - Berlin Strizh train runs through 4 countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany and covers a distance of 1900 km. The train departs twice a week: on Saturday and Sunday from Moscow and on Sunday and Monday from Berlin. It travels through Smolensk, Orsha, Minsk, Brest, Terespol, Warsaw, Poznan, Rzepin and Frankfurt (Oder). Each train has 20 Carriages.

  • 014М
    Trip time: 23:16 hours
    Berlin Hbf
    Moscow Belorussky
  • 013М
    Trip time: 22:50 hours
    Moscow Belorussky
    Berlin Hbf

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

Trains run from Berlin to Moscow two or three times per week. Because the train passes through Belarus, foreigners need to see about Belarusian, Russian and German travel visas and documentation.

The trip from Berlin to Moscow usually takes between 23 and 27 hours.

Dogs and cats are allowed in any class if you purchase all seats in the cabin. In First Class, two seats must be purchased, and four in Second Class.

This route is possible by switching trains in Moscow. It takes five days to travel from Beijing to Moscow (check on a transit visa through Mongolia). The Moscow to Berlin trip lasts a full day (check on a travel visa through Belarus).

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