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International Theatre Olympiad 2019

Within the framework of the Year of the Theatres, Russia will host the International Theatre Olympiad — one of the main Theatre events of 2019th. In St. Petersburg will tour the best Theatres from 15 countries, as well as regional theatres of Russia.

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The largest collection of French Impressionists will be brought together in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The collection of French Impressionists by Shukin and Morozov, which is divided between two museums will be combined during the temporary exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2019.

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"ICE FANTASY — 2019" Festival in St. Petersburg

On the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress has opened the Festival of the Ice Sculpture "ICE FANTASY — 2019". Over the exposition worked more than 30 people, including the leading ice-sculpting artists from Russia and other parts of the World.

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The new cable car in Moscow offers free rides till 24th of December

The new cable car has been open on 27th of November. The above ground and underground transport have been for a long time available in Moscow. And now there is also an air transport, which is possible to attend free of charge till 24th of December.

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The son of Andrei Tarkovsky plans to restore the director's cut of "Andrei Rublev"

"Andrei Rublev" is a historical drama filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky between 1964th and 1965th on "Mosfilm". His son plans to restore its original version. The main challenge, according to the junior Andrei Tarkovsky, is to restore the parts which had to be cut for the censorship reasons and remove the elements, which were cut by the director himself.

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St. Petersburg to host the Tall Ships Races in 2021

St. Petersburg has started the preparation for the massive sports event - the Tall Ship Races, which will take place in the Northen Capital in 2021. The first publicly funded sailing yacht school has been open in St. Petersburg a year ago and is ready to accept the challenge.

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The first trailer of the TV-series "Romanovs" is now online

"Three continents. Seven countries. Eight stories. One family?". The first trailer of the TV-series "Romanovs" has been published on 14th of August 2018.

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The Visa-free entry for the FIFA FAN-ID holders will be valid till the end of the year

The foreign guests and holders of the FIFA FAN-ID will be granted the opportunity to cross the border with Russia Visa-free till the end of the year, as many times as they wish. It has been announced to the journalists by Vladimir Putin. He has mentioned that this subject has been negotiated with his colleagues, during the congratulation of the Franch and Croatian sides.

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In St. Petersburg, May became the warmest month in one hundred years

For the first time in one hundred years, the average temperature in May exceeded 15 degrees. The beginning of summer is promised to be warm as well but would bring rain to the city.

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The FIFA has announced Fan Zones for FIFA World Cup 2018

This Wednesday, FIFA has announced the complete list of all Fan Zones for the FIFA World Cup 2018. In Moscow the main Fan Zone would be the Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills), which would allocate 40 000 football fans.

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Tretyakov Gallery hosts the exhibition dedicated to Vasily Vereshchagin

The largest exhibition in decades dedicated to the painter Vasily Vereshchagin has opened at the Crimean shaft. The visitors will be able to see approximately 500 exhibits from the archives of several thousands of Museums and private collections.

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The Hermitage has launched stickers for the Telegram based on works of Rembrandt and Matisse

The State Hermitage Museum has issued an official sticker set for its Telegram channel. The paintings by Rembrandt and Matisse became the source of inspiration for the new set.

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Happy New Year!

Our team wishes you a Happy New Year and a wonderful holiday season. May this season and the coming year bring you lots of bright moments and colorful travels.

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The sales period for the train tickets has been extended

On 10th of December 2017, the OJSC “RZD” has extended the period of the ticket sales for up to 90 days.

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New Exhibition "The Winter Palace and the Hermitage. 1917. The History has been created here"

The grand opening of the exhibition "The Winter Palace and the Hermitage. 1917. The History has been created here" took place on 25th of October 2017, in the Feldmarshal's Hall of the Winter Palace.

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