A Russian Land Tour or a Russian River Cruise - Which is Better?

Land Tour or a Russian River Cruise

Which is better, a land tour or river cruise?

  • Private Russian Land Tour: Flexible dates and customizable tour programmes to suit you. Larger range of tours and 5 star hotels available. Prices can be high depending on season and number of people in group
  • Russian Group Land Tour: A group of up to 30 fellow travelers. A narrower range of tours, non-flexible dates or itinerary. More reasonable prices, and accommodation in 4 star hotel also included
  • Russian River Cruise: Opportunity to visit hard-to-reach places and see a different side of Russia. Cheaper than private tours, 4 or 5 star ships more comfortable than group tours. All-inclusive, with full board and on-board entertainment.

Russia’s vast and rich landscape offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration. If you are someone with a spirit for adventure, what better way to experience the country than one of Express to Russia’s land tours or river cruises? We offer something to suit all preferences, whether it’s your first visit to Russia or you’re a seasoned traveller looking for something a bit different. We provide a huge range of private or group land tours, and group river cruises. What are the different options available, and which trip would best suit you?

Land Tours

Land Tours

Our land tours span more than a dozen different cities, from tourist hotspots to towns off the beaten track. With Express to Russia, you can take in the grandeur and opulence of St Petersburg and Moscow, embark on a Trans-Siberian expedition leaving European Russia for Siberia and the Far East, tour the medieval Russian cities of the Golden Ring, and much more.

Russian Private Tours

Russian Private Tours

With our private tours, you can create the ideal holiday for a select group of people. We can accommodate as many people as you would like on your private tour, whether you’re planning a couple’s holiday or a family reunion. Private tours offer extensive flexibility and you may choose any dates you wish. We can customize all of our tour programmes and assist you in building your own itinerary and adjust the tour to fit any budget. There are a wealth of private day trips in each city, whether you’d prefer visits to museums, architectural or literary excursions, or even culinary tours. On each excursion you will be accompanied by a bilingual guide speaking English and Russian, but on request we can find a guide speaking other languages.

Certain hotels are included in our packages; alternatively, travelers may select their own hotel and take only tours with us. Customers must purchase their own airline tickets, but all other transport is included as part of the tour price, including airport transfers. Breakfast is included in each package, but other meals must be purchased while on the tour. 

Private tours vary in price depending on the number of people in your group, the hotel selected, and the season. For example, on the 9 day, 8 night tour Two Capitals and the Golden Ring, a group of 6 staying in a 4-star hotel and travelling in spring or autumn will pay $2250 per person. Whereas the tour price for a single traveler staying in a 5 star hotel and visiting during summer will be substantially higher.

Russian Group Tours

Russian Group Tours

On our group tours you’ll travel alongside people who share your interests in Russian history and culture, and can make friends with your fellow travelers along the way. There is less of a range of group tours and excursions available than private tours, but travelers will still experience a unique and carefully thought-out trip. 

For group tours, the maximum group size is 30 people, though the number can be smaller during low season. Due to this larger group size, group tours are less flexible than private tours. The itinerary cannot be changed, tour dates are fixed, and all customers will be booked into the same 4-star hotel. However, this is reflected in the prices. In comparison with the above-mentioned tour, the 8 day, 7 night Group Tour to Golden Ring, Moscow, St Petersburg will cost between $1800 - $2033 per person depending on the season.

As with private tours, travelers must purchase their own flights. Transfers, excursions, guides and breakfast are all included in the cost of the tour. The group guides will be English and Russian-speaking only, so if you require a different language, a private tour may be more appropriate.

Russian River Cruises

Russian River Cruises

On our Russian river cruises, you’ll see Russia as never before: travel in style between the two capitals; sail from Moscow to the Caucasus along the Volga, Europe’s longest river; and spend a week on the glittering expanse of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest, oldest and deepest lake. You’ll discover the European and Asian sides of Russia in Kazan, access hard-to-reach spots like Kizhi Island, on which lies some of Russia’s most masterful wooden architecture, and visit little-explored villages not included on land tours.

Our Russian river cruises are perfect for a slower paced, nature-filled getaway. Many great rivers divide Russia’s vast territory, and what better way to experience the natural landscape than sailing through it? River cruises are longer than land tours, a minimum of 7 days and 6 nights in length.

The prices of our river cruises are generally lower than those of private tours. Prices do not vary widely depending on the season, as due to frozen waterways, cruises take place only from May until October. In comparison to the land tours above, on the 8 day, 7 night Moscow to St Petersburg 5 Star Cruise, a luxury suite with private bathroom and balcony will cost between $2710 - $2802 per person.

Cruise ships range from 3-5 stars and accommodate between 200-300 passengers. 4 and 5 star ships offer a higher level of comfort than found on a group tour. Cabin classes range from simple single beds on the lower decks to deluxe multi-room suites, and on some ships cabins have balconies and private bathrooms. On board you’ll find multiple restaurants, bars, a sauna, gym, cinema club and kids’ club, although this varies depending on the cruise chosen.

Excursions groups have no more than 30 people in each. As well as excursions, passengers can enjoy free on-board entertainment such as concerts, masterclasses and movies. As with land tours, customers must purchase their own flights, but must also cover the costs of airport transfers. However, river tours are all-inclusive. Passengers will receive full board (with the exception of departure and arrival day), a welcome party and captain’s dinner.

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