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Trans-Manchurian Route Description

The Trans-Manchurian route is a great option for those who would like to go from Moscow to Beijing without visiting Mongolia (no extra visa required). To make this trip, you have to start in Moscow on Trans-Siberian route and then change trains in China. There is also the Vostok train which makes a direct trip from Moscow to Beijing on the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Manchurian routes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

6166 km

Founded in 1651 as a far Eastern Cossack fortification, today Chita is a large industrial city with a population of approximately 370 thousand. Chita is also famous for being one of the cities where the Decembrists were sent to live in exile. The stop is 25 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

6292 km

Karymskaya was founded in 1935 along the banks of the river Ingoda. The city is on both the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Manchurian lines (through Tarskaya). The stop is 25 minutes.

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6410 km

Here the train crosses the river Onon and passengers can take great pictures of the river and surrounding steppe. The stop is 10 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

6509 km

Borzya was founded in the XVII century. In 1899, it is became a popular trade and transport center. Today, it is still an important spot for traders. The stop is 19 minutes.

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6626 km

The town is quite close to the Chinese border. Here, the wheels of the train are changed to fit the different gauge Russian or Chinese tracks (depending on the direction you are traveling in). The process takes from two to six hours. If you decide to take a walk, remember to bring warm clothes.

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6638 km

This is Chinese side of the border. Be prepared to go through customs and passport control when entering or leaving China. If you are just arriving to Russia from China you will need to fill in a health declaration. The stop is 26 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

6773 km

Along the way to Hailar, you can admire the endless steppes and mountains on the route. The stop is 6 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

6973 km

Boketu is located in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China. The population of the region is 23 million people (79% of Chinese, 17% Mongolian and 4% others). The stop is 8 minutes.

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7573 km

Harbin is one of the major cities of China. It is an industrial city but still has charming architecture. It could be called an oriental St. Petersburg because of the great Russian influence which dates back to the time of the railroad construction. The stop is 15 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

8120 km

Capital of the Liaoning province with a population of 7.2 million, Shen’yan is famous for the Mukden Palace - a former imperial palace of the Qing emperors which is now a museum protected by UNESCO. The stop is 15 minutes.

Trans Mongolian train ticket

8961 km

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