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Children’s Theaters

The Grand Puppet Theatre

The Grand Puppet Theatre is located in a beautiful building, which was constructed in 1912. The theatre itself is 70 years old, making it the oldest puppet theatre in St. Petersburg. In 1999, the theatre was awarded the reputable St. Petersburg theatre award, the "Gold Soffit”, a total of three times. Performances such as "The Little Fox Who Did Not Want to Be Tricky" took one of these prestigious awards and can be seen in the theatres even today. This is the perfect form of entertainment if you are traveling with children.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

10, Nekrasova Ul
(812) 273-66-72
Metro: Ploshchad Vosstaniya

How to get there

From metro Ploshchad Vosstaniya walk along Vosstaniya Street until it intersects with Nekrasova Street. Take a left at the intersection, and walk down Nekrasova Street. After the second crossroad, you will see the Grand Puppet Theatre.

Children`s Music Theater (Zazerkale)

"Zazerkalie" is probably the only theatre that has operas for children. The theatre plays both classic masterpieces by Gofman, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Nabokov, Chekhov, and Andersen and contemporary masterpieces such as those by Visotsky.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that interest you.

13, Rubinshteina Ul.
(812) 712-43-93
Metro: Dostoevskaya

How to get there

From the metro station, Dostoevskaya make a right, walk along Sherbakova Lane until it intersects with Rubinshteina. Take a right at the intersection.

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