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Oktyabrsky Concert Hall

The concert hall was opened in 1967 and features an interesting mix of modern and classical performances. Here you can see symphony music concerts, recitals, readings, cinema premieres, children´s programs, pop-star shows and festivals. Congresses, presentations and symposiums are also held here. The spacious and comfortable hall has 3738 seats. All Russian pop-stars perform here at one point or another in their careers.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

Ligovsky Prospect
(812) 275-13-00
Metro: Ploshchad Vosstaniya

How to get there

From metro Ploshchad Vosstaniya turn left, cross Ligovsky Prospect and turn left again. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the hall.

Jazz Philharmonic Hall

The outstanding jazz musician and composer, David Goloschokin - an Honored Artist of Russia, founded the St. Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall in 1989. During his 40-year career, he played with such jazz giants as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, and Dave Brubeck. There are two halls: The Jazz Philharmonic Hall and The Ellington Hall. Concerts of the best Russian and foreign musicians are held in the Jazz Philharmonic Hall from Wednesday to Sunday. They also hold special jazz-balls. The hall seats up to 200 people. Comfortable tables for two to six persons are available. All kinds of beverages, light snacks, and desserts are served during the concerts. Concerts begin at 19:00. In the Ellington Hall there is a Jazz bar offering refined cuisine and a wide range of beverages. Acoustic jazz performances take place on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The small hall fits as many as 40 people and performances there usually start at 20:00.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

27, Zagorodny Prospekt
(812) 764-85-65
Metro: Dostoevskaya

How to get there

From metro Dostoevskaya make a right and walk along Zagorodny Prospect for about 10 minutes.

Ledovy Dvorets

Ledovy Dvorets (Ice Palace) is a multi-purpose centre, where different competitions such as hockey matches, figure skating, short-track, boxing matches, basketball, volleyball, and ballroom dancing, take place. It was built for the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2000 and is now the home arena for the SKA team. There are also concerts performed by world-renowned stars, opera singers, and orchestras. Moreover, circus-shows, exhibitions and company parties are also held here. The concert-hall has about 12,300 seats with and in the foyers you can find about 30 cafes. There is also an ice-skating rink for public use - check the Dvorets’ website for details on prices and opening times.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

1, Pyatiletok Prospect
(812) 718-66-20
Metro: Prospekt Bolshevikov

How to get there

From metro Prospekt Bolshevikov make a left and not before long you’ll see Ledovy Dvorets.

House of Culture Imeni Lensoveta

DK Lensoveta is a rather large hall, where theatrical performances, show programs, and concerts of well-known artists (for example bands such as "Akvarium", "Leningrad", "Jethro Tull", and "Apocaliptica") take place.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

42, Kamennoostrovsky Prospect
(812) 346-04-38
Metro: Petrogradskaya

How to get there

The concert hall is located across the road from metro Petrogradskaya. You should simply cross Kamennoostrovsky Prospect using the pedestrian tunnel and walk for a few minutes along the Prospect.

Dvorets Kultury Imeni Gorkogo

Dvorets Kultury Imeni Gorkogo is the one of the top-level concert halls in St. Petersburg. Built in 1926-1927 it was the first Dvorets Kultury in the country. The hall of the Dvorets, which seats 2049, is fundamentally different from a theatre hall, as it is laid out more like an amphitheatre (there is also a box and a balcony). There is also a cinema-hall, lecture-hall, library, and halls for study groups.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

4, Stachek Square
(812) 252-53-30
Metro: Narvskaya

How to get there

Dvorets Kultury Imeni Gorkogo is located directly across from the exit of metro Narvskaya. All you need to do is walk around the metro station and you’ll be near the main entrance to the Dvorets.

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