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Aleksandrinsky Theater

The Aleksandrinsky Theater, named in honour of Nikolas I’s wife - Aleksandra Fedorovna, is one of the most famous Russian drama theatres. The theatre itself was designed and built under the architectural supervision of Rossi. People from St. Petersburg deem it as one of the architectural jewels of the city. Classic Russian plays are performed in this theatre including those by Chekhov and Gogol amongst others. It was the site of many premieres, which went on to become legendary pieces, and it continues to hold national acclaim.

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2, Ostrovsky Square
(812) 312-15-45
Metro: Gostiny Dvor

How to get there

The theatre is located on Nevsky Prospect; therefore, from metro Gostiny Dvor make a right on Nevsky Prospect. After walking on Nevsky for a few minutes, you will see a monument to Catherine the Great, which is also on Ostrovskvy Ploshchad. The theatre is just behind her, you can’t miss it!

Baltic House

Baltic House is located in the centre of St. Petersburg. There are two halls: one seats 100 and the other 870. The theatre hosts an annual festival of plays from the Baltic countries. Beside the festival, all different types of theatre is performed, Russian, European and experimental.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

4, Aleksandrovsky Park
(812) 232-93-80
Metro: Gorkovskaya

How to get there

From metro Gorkovskaya make a left, and then walk along the main path of Aleksandrovsky Park for about five minutes.

Lensovet Academic Theater

Vladimirov, the renowned Russian director, gathered and taught many famous Russian artists during the Soviet era here in the Lensovet Theatre. Here the careers of Alisa Freyndlih, Sergey Migicko, Mihail Boyarsky and Larisa Luppian began.

Vladimirov’s plays continue to be performed in the theatre to this day, alongside other Russian classics.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

12, Vladimirsky Prospekt
(812) 713-21-91
Metro: Vladimirskaya

How to get there

From metro Vladimirskaya turn right and walk along Vladimirsky Prospect. In five minutes, you will be standing next to the theatre.

Maly Drama Theatre de l`Europe

The Maly Drama Theatre de l’Europe is one of the most fashionable and contemporary theatres in the city. Lev Dodin, the art director of Maly Drama Theatre (MDT), is well-known in the theatre community. The theatre enjoys experimenting and quite often performs unique plays. MDT has won many awards for its outstanding performances. Two of the plays, which have gained international acclaim are Dostoevsky’s ‘The Devils’ and Chekhov’s ‘Play without a name’.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

18, Rubinshteina Ul.
(812) 713-20-78
Metro: Dostoevskaya

How to get there

From metro Dostoevskaya turn right and walk along Vladimirsky Prospect to Grafsky (Графский) Pereulok. At the intersection turn to the left and walk along Grafsky to Ulitsa Rubinshteina. The theatre is located on the corner.

Molodezhny Theatre na Fontanke

The Youth Theatre on the Fontanka, located in the charming Ismailovsky Gardens, has been a favourite with St. Petersburg’s students and intelligentsia since it opened in 1980. It is constantly experimenting and performs some unusual blend of dramas. It also promotes the development of young playwrights and performers that otherwise struggle to compete with the legendary Russian classic playwrights.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

144, Fontanki River Embankment
(812) 316-68-70
Metro: Tekhnologichesky Institute

How to get there

From metro Tekhnologichesky Institute, cross Moskovsky prospect and walk along 1st Krasnoormeyskaya (1-ая Красноармейкая) street and then Troitsky (Троицкий) Prospect, until you see the river Fontanka.

Priyut Komedianta

This theatre often presents acclaimed performances including ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ The theatre doesn’t have its own troupe, but rather each production features actors from other theatres around St. Petersburg. There are often performances from up-and-coming directors and producers.

To purchase tickets, please contact us and tell us the dates that you are interested in.

27, Sadovaya Ul.
(812) 310-33-14
Metro: Sennaya Ploshchad

How to get there

From metro Sennaya Ploshchad cross Savodaya Ulitsa and turn right. The theatre is not far along on your left-hand side.

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