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The Bolshoi Circus

More than 120 years ago, the "Circus on the Fontanka" was opened and became the first Russian building (made of stone) designated specifically for circus performances. The idea of the "stone circus" occurred to the Italian circus actor, rider, and trainer Gaetano Ciniselli. This building was considered to be one of the most beautiful circus edifices in Europe. It is common knowledge that the last Russian Emperor’s (Nicholas II) family liked to visit this circus often.

Today the circus program is very dynamic and bright. There are many exotic animals, which are interesting for both children and adults. Besides the usual animals, such as monkeys, dogs and horses, there are also ponies, ostriches, goats, hippopotamuses, very long boas, which fly over the audience, crocodiles, and pelicans.

The edifice on the Fontanka also contains the Circus Art Museum. To this day, it holds a unique collection concentrating on the materials and documents concerning the history of both domestic and foreign circuses. The Museum holds tours for adults and children.

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3, Fontanka River Embankment
(812) 570-53-90
Metro: Nevsky Prospekt/Gostiny Dvor

How to get there

From Gostiny Dvor metro turn right and walk to the Fontanka River Embankment. Then turn left, cross Nevsky prospect, walk along the river for a while, and before long you will see the Bolshoi Circus.

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