Peter and Paul Fortress

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The Museum of the History of St. Petersburg-Petrograd, 1703-1918, opened in 1975 in the building of the former Commandant's House on the premises of Peter and Paul Fortress. The exhibits, first of all, explain the development of the area from marshy Neva Lands to the formation of the future capital of the Russian Empire. This is described with the use of maps, archaeological finds, paintings and other graphical art.

The remainder of the exhibits display the daily life of St. Petersburg in the 19th and early 20th century. There are sections which cover all areas of life, commerce, banking, transport, accommodation, cuisine, fashion, amenities and cinema. If you have any questions on ‘normal’ life in St. Petersburg then you will more than likely find the answers here in the State History Museum. After so much history on the imperialism of the city, the collections on people’s life are refreshingly different and just as interesting as learning about the extravagant lifestyle of the nobles.

Also on the premise of the fortress are other expositions. The Trubetskoi Prison tells the history of the prison for political prisoners through archival documents, audio records and prisoners’ memoirs. There is also the Museum of Cosmonautic Science, with information on Soviet cosmonauts, space equipment and authentic space suits worn by cosmonauts.

Essential Information for Visitors

Address and Contact Details

7 Peter and Paul Fortress
(812) 230-64-31
Metro: Gorkovskaya

Opening Hours

11.00-18.00 Closed Wednesdays

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