St. Petersburg Travel Guide

Why travel to St. Petersburg

People: From its beginnings, St. Petersburg was a city of thinkers. It was founded so as to bring fresh ideas from Europe to replace Russia’s superstitious culture. To this day, the city’s inhabitants are famed for their distinctly bohemian approach to life and the importance they place upon culture.

Places: The naval city that Peter dreamed up was created as much to allow visitors to marvel at his Empire as it was to let Russians explore the world. To this day, the avenues lined with mansions, side-to-side, stretching for miles never fails to impress visitors with their sheer scale and grandeur.

Past: Being the seat of Russian ruling class for two hundred years, it’s difficult not to come across some memento of its impressive history in even the most unassuming courtyards— and the locals will happily point them out to you should you struggle!

Top Sights in St. Petersburg


The Largest Museum in Russia

Peter and Paul Fortress

The Cradle of the City

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The City’s Best Viewing Point


The Russian Versailles


St. Petersburg Travel Guide


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Why visit St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has always been a city of dreams. From the moment Peter the Great gazed across the mossy bog-land that he had just conquered from the Swedes, he saw a dream come true. And though initially others couldn’t appreciate its potential, by the time he had persuaded his subjects to establish their residences there, it was as clear as the glistening cross on the Peter and Paul Fortress that St. Petersburg would be the city that would change both Russia and its people for the better.

Reasons to Vacation in St. Petersburg in 2020

Sophistication at its height

From its inception to our times, St. Petersburg has effortlessly taken center stage as the crowning jewel of Europe’s intellectual and cultural circles. The importance placed upon enlightenment and all its higher pursuits imbues every aspect of the city, down to its pavements. On each corner, the brooding bust of some great genius or a plaque commemorating the birthplace of a celebrated artist pay homage to the city’s august history. Boasting the world’s second largest art-museum, The Hermitage, and over 100 theatres, including the renowned Mariinsky; St. Petersburg possess that depth and food for the soul that so many of today’s vacuous mega-cities lack. Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia for a vacation with more substance and style.

Tsarist Treasures on every street

When Peter the Great began the monumental task of transforming the swamps into an inhabitable city, he was adamant that only the best maestros of the architectural world would design his city. It was a world first; a city designed to a perfect plan with wide boulevards and harmonized color-schemes. No hint of squalor or disorderliness was permitted. It would be a city truly fit for a Tsar. Today, the great vision of Peter’s city still shines strong. Though there have been cracks along the way, with Bolshevik looting and WW2 blockades, the majority of St. Petersburg remains as it was, intact in all its grandeur and idealism. Come see the world through the eyes of a Tsar when you visit St Petersburg, Russia with us.

Other-Worldly White nights

Summer in St. Petersburg is like a dream that never ends. All the people stroll down the streets from morning till midnight, soaking up the mystical light of the sun at night. Bobbing down the shimmering waters of the Neva on boats to see the bridges rise up towards the luminescent skies and then into the cafes that spill onto the sidewalks, for philosophical musings accompanied by jazz. Its midsummer magic of the kind that Shakespeare wrote, but unlike the play it isn’t all over in just one night—it stretches over two, magnificent months, leaving all in its wake starry-eyed and hopelessly in love with the Venice of the North. St. Petersburg, Russia travel experiences speak to the heart.

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