St Petersburg’s Nightlife

Where are the best places to spend the night out in St Petersburg?

  • Legends: There are so many choices when it comes to partying that it can often be a headache just to decide where to go! When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic like Griboedov.
  • Bohemian Blues: St Petersburg is renowned for its cultured denizens, but for visitors one night at the opera tends to be more than enough. For something a little less demanding than the theatre, the jazz bars provide the perfect balance between refinement and relaxation.
  • Fun & Quirky: There’s no shortage of character and charisma in this city, and there’s no better time to experience it than at night. Meet the blood of St Petersburg— its students— at these über unique party-places. 
  • Under the radar: Plant-based discos and bars in cupboards: these are the places to go for a night like no other!

Walking past the continuous lines of stately palaces stretching out along St Petersburg’s canals, one would hardly suppose that this was a nightlife destination. Thanks to the significant student population, however, St Petersburg was in actual fact the city that got the rest of Russia clubbing back in the 90’s and was the birthplace of many musical movements, like the massively popular, Russified version of rock & roll.
For something a little lighter than opera and more lively than a restaurant, look no further than the clubs and diskotekas of good ol' Leningrad.

The Legends

Griboyedov Night Club, St. Petersburg

Photo by Paul Kramer on Unsplash

Griboedov Club

The oldest club in the city is also the coolest. With a WW2 bunker as its dance floor and a smashing restaurant serving up the best accompaniments and filling meals to the vodka shots, its no wonder the “ mushroom-eater” club (as it is translated in English) is a firm local favourite. In summer, a wonderful veranda provides a refreshing haven to the sizzling hot air of the dance floor. The stage at the back of the bunker hosts nothing but the best of bands, playing everything from rock to techno.

Address: Voronezhsakaya street 2A, St Petersburg, 191119
Telephone: +7 812 764 4355.

Fish Fabrique Club, St. Petersburg

Photo by Iñigo De la Maza on Unsplash

Fish Fabrique

Fish Fabrique has a reputation for its distinctive bohemian flair. Set bang in the middle of St Petersburg's artistic underworld— Pushchkinskaya, 10— the crowd at this bar is always sure to be eccentric, emotional and filled with quite a few expats too. During the reckless 90’s this was the underbelly of Russia’s rock’n’roll revolution and, to this day, some of the city’s top gigs are held here. *From Thursdays to Saturdays at 23:00.

Address: Ligovsky prospekt 53, St Petersburg, 191040
Telephone: +7 812 764 4857.

MOD Club, St. Petersburg

Photo by Rachel Coyne on Unsplash

MOD Club

Boasting the city’s cheesiest pizza as well as faultless acoustics, it’s little surprise that some of Russia’s well-known faces frequent this decidedly youthful club. Despite its star-status and awesome summer terrace, the prices are rather decent compared to other popular clubs.

Address: Griboyedov channel embankment, 7, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186
Telephone: +7 962 728-09-98

A2 Green Concert, St. Petersburg

Photo by Long Truong on Unsplash

A2 Green Concert

Up to 5000 people pack into this sellout club-cum-concert hall a few times each month to catch the hottest acts, both local and international. The likes of FatBoySlim, Bastille and their Russian equivalents have all played in this giant venue with ten bars. But before you go party please beware that quite a few reviewers have complained about the unreasonable requirements and overall rudeness of the security here.

Address: Prospekt Medikov, 3, St Petersburg, Russia, 197022
Telephone: +7 812 333-03-79

Bohemian Blues

Jazz in the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, St. Petersburg

Photo by Sergei Gushchin, Photobank Lori

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Tucked right behind Savior on Spilled Blood, it's a surprise that this museum has yet to be discovered by the masses. Though the word ‘ museum' in Russia tends to imply stern old ladies and untouchable glass displays, this place is none of those things. Quite the contrary; it is a veritable playground for geeks and jazz-freaks, packed full of nostalgic arcade games (which are there to be played, not simply looked at!). On most Fridays and Saturdays from 21:00, live jazz concerts take place under the ever-so atmospheric fairy-lights. As if things couldn’t get better, the brownie and ice cream combination served at the burger bar in the museum is rumoured to be the best in town.

Address: Konyushennaya Ploshchad', 2, лит В, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186
Telephone: +7 812 740-02-40

Jazz Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg

Photo by Jens Thekkeveettil on Unsplash

Jazz Philharmonic Hall

The seductive glow from the dimmed lamps on the dinner tables and the polished, chequered dance floor make for a magical backdrop to some of the country’s best jazz.
This venerated establishment should be made Mecca for all jazz lovers. Book a table as close to the stage as possible for an unobstructed view.

Address: Zagorodny prospekt 27, St Petersburg, 191180
Telephone: +7 812 764 8565.

Dom 7 Jazz Club, St. Petersburg

Photo by Ardalan Hamedani on Unsplash

Dom 7

This restaurant-cum-jazz hall is always packed— even on weekdays. Its warm and welcoming bar is one of the best places to become acquainted with other music lovers and it's just a stone’s throw from Saviour on the Spilled Blood.

Address: Griboyedov channel embankment, 7, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186
Telephone: +7 812 314-82-50

Fun & Quirky

Money Honey, St. Petersburg

Photo by Andrea Mininni on Unsplash

Money Honey

With possibly the most cowboy hats outside of America hanging above its bar, this wild-west themed club is a great place to listen to Russified rock & roll and Rockabilly. It can get a little quiet on weekdays and the menu is limited to a few unexciting options, but the atmosphere on a Saturday evening is unbeatable.

Address: Sadovaya ulitsa 28-30, St Petersburg, 191036
Telephone: +7 812 310 0549.

MadLab Bar, St. Petersburg

Photo by Express to Russia staff

MadLab Bar

Famed for its creative cocktails, the MadLab Bar has been noted in all the guidebooks as the best place to drink in St Petersburg. And, with a dance floor, effortlessly cool lounge and an open kitchen serving sizzling Asian specialities, MadLabBar is also the most fashionable party place in the city as well.

Address: Dostoevsky street, 19/21, lit. M, St Petersburg, Russia, 191119
Telephone: +7 812 670-80-90

Dunes Bar, St. Petersburg

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Dunes Bar

Just behind the biggest shopping centre in the city lies a piece of tropical paradise. The bar at Dunes boasts a view 100% unique to St Petersburg: a backyard pool with a barbecue, ‘beach’ and table tennis to boot. The music will make you think you’re in Ibiza, but bear in mind that, as it is outdoors, Dunes is only worth visiting on sunny days.

Address: Ligovsky Ave, 50 building11, St Petersburg, Russia, 191040


Bar Mitya

Bars don’t need much space. In fact, sometimes a smaller bar allows for a conviviality that could never be had in larger bars. The tiniest of bars in St Petersburg, Bar Mitya, is literally a cupboard in Cafe Rubenstien, but regardless of the setting it somehow has become one of the city’s liveliest bars. People from all over come to sample the tantalising tipples from its menu— a menu that is most probably bigger than the bar itself!

Address: Rubinstein St, 20, St Petersburg, Russia, 191002
Telephone: +7 960 259-83-93

Grün, St. Petersburg

Image by Wuttipong Nim-orm from Pixabay 


As the name suggests, everything about this newly opened restaurant is green— from the ceiling covered in plants to the plant-based menu. The Saturday night disco parties here strike the perfect balance between healthy and fun. Though it is a fair way from the centre, the sea air along with the equally refreshing vision of Sevkabel port (the creative cluster where Grün is based) definitely make the journey worthwhile.

Address: Kozhevennaya Liniya, 40a, St Petersburg, Russia, 199106
Contact : +7 911 276-72-21

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