The Golden Ring - Rybinsk

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Rybinsk city


Rybinsk is one of the Ring’s better-known towns, and to this day maintains its old-fashioned merchant feel. The first mention of a settlement in the territory of contemporary Rybinsk dates from the ninth century, when, according to archeologists, its was a center of metallurgy. The town, which in those days was called Ust’-Sheksna, was razed to the ground by the invading Mongols. By 1504 the current-day Rybinsk, populated mainly by fishermen, was built in the place of the old settlement. In 1615 the Yugsko-Dorofeevskaya monastery, which later became the largest in the Yaroslavl district.

The fate of the town was strongly effected at the beginning of the eighteenth century by Peter I’s decisions to unite St. Petersburg with the Volga using waterways, water transport being the most economic at the time. The first shipments, mainly of bread, began in 1722. In 1777 Rybinsk was recognised as a town. in the nineteenth century the town developed further as a center for steamship construction, and also the manufacturing of rope, bricks, and wheat. Other infrastructure followed this industrial development: the largest Russian banks opened offices in Ryblink, and the town’s first printing house, library and newspaper were established.

In the twentieth century industry continued to flourish, and at the end of the 1920s the former factory Russian Reno released the first airplane motors. To this day the Rybinsk Aviation-Techology Academy, established in 1934, is one of the leading institutions in its field.


  • Saviour-Transfuguration Cathedral
  • Roman Catholic cathedral
  • Nobel Family Museum

How to get there

Take a bus from Moscow bus station (Shelkovskoe shosse, 75/2), it departs twice a day at 12:00 and 16:00.

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