Orlov Paleontology Museum of Paleontology Institute (Russian Academy of Sciences)

The Orlov paleontography museum is rightly considered one of the largest natural history museums in the world. The history of the museum, in part, is based on the foundation, of Peter the First’s Kunstkammer, in which fragments of the skeletons of ancient animals were displayed.

The museum’s exhibition hall consists of over 5000 square meters. The rich and varied interior of the museum allows visitors tangible contact with the secrets of past eras, monumental and graphic creations of Moscow’s best animal sculptors. In the six halls of the museum, there are more than 5000 exhibits, reflecting different stages of the organic development of our planet, from the ancient to almost the present day.

The exhibition starts in the entrance hall, which presents the subjects and problems of palaeontology, its history, particular branches of scientific enquiry, and its place among other practical sciences.

The second hall is dedicated to the Palaeozoic period, and acquaints visitors with the very first inhabitants of earth, and also with the enormous range of invertebrate animals and plants. The small third hall enlightens visitors about the geological history of the Moscow region. In the fourth hall, there are ancient invertebrates and fauna of the late Palaeozoic period and the beginning of the Mesozoic period. The firth hall is dedicated to the Mesozoic period, and includes a unique collection of dinosaurs and birds. In the last, sixth hall the museum displays various mammals and the unique fauna of Cainozoic period.

Essential Information for Visitors

Address and Contact Details

123, Profsoyuznaya ul.
(495) 339-45-44
Metro: Konkovo

Opening Hours

10.00-18.00. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

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