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Lenkom Theater

M Chekhovskaya

In 1927 the building of the former Merchant club passed in the possession of the theater. The name of the theater Lenkom reflects its Komsomol past. Bright actor individualities, topical character of interpretation of the classics, ironical attitude towards historical facts, witty and resourceful Mark Zakharov’s direction all these things form the unique appearance of the theater. Lenkom is one of the most famous and fashionable places in Moscow thanks to the esthetics of the new Russian carnival and its constant tries to raise urgent problems. The first Russian rock-opera Juno and Avos has been on for already twenty years. Nowadays lots of home theater stars work in Lenkom : L. Bronevoy, O. Yankovsky, I. Tchurikova, A. Zbruev, N. Karatchentsev, A. Abdulov, A. Dzhigarkhanyan, D. Pevtsov. The performance Royal Games was awarded the State Prize of Russia. The theater latest premieres are The City of Millionaires and The Jester Balakirev.

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6, Malaya Dmitrovka ul.
299-0708, 299-19-92

The Maly Theater

M Okhotny Ryad

The Maly Theater or the Small State Academic theater of Russia is one of the oldest theaters in our country. The first troupe appeared there in 1756, and the building itself was erected in 1824. Fonvisin, Griboedov, Gogol and Ostrovsky’s plays were put on that stage. Famous Michail Shepkin, Pavel Molchanov, Maria Ermolova played in the Maly Theater. Nowadays the Maly Theater is the keeper of the best ancient traditions of the oldest theater school in Russia. Home and foreign classics, modern plays based on historic events form the basis of the theater repertoire, which was increased during the last years. Such modern genres as musicals (“Krechinsky’s Wedding”), thrillers (“How to Reveal a Murder”) are also being put on the stage today. The Maly constantly works on the renewal of its repertoire. About four or five premieres are produced annually. Such famous actors as Yuri Solomin, Victor Korshunov, Elina Bystritskaya form the backbone of the theater company. In 1992 according to the decree of the President of Russia the theater was declared the national property and was included in the list of cultural objects of special value.

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1/6, Teatralnaya pl.

Chekhov Moscow Artistic Academic Theater

M Teatralnaya

The Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre MAAT, or MHAT, was founded in 1898 by K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovitch-Danchenko. Having covered a long time distance, MHAT has become the main official theater in Russia. After the rich and extended experience of the Russian theater of the XIX century and the European direction had been reinterpreted, MHAT created its own realistic actor school. That event has, in many respects, determined the ways of development of the Russian “director” theater in the XX century. History of many Moscow theaters originates from various numerous creative studios, organized by K. S. Stanislavsky. In 1987 the MHAT company split up. After that O. Efremov and the greater part of “the old-timers” of the theater organized MHAT named after A. Chekhov. The experience of these actors determined the position the theater occupies now. At present Tatiana Doronina – a famous theater and cinema actress – is in charge of the theater. Her parts in “The Three Poplars in Plushikha”, “Once Again About Love”, “The Elder Sister” have become the most valuable possession of the soviet cinema. And it was Doronina, who revived the performances of the traditionaly MHAT authors: Gorky, Chekhov, Bulgakov. The performance “The Three Sisters” was restored by V. I. Nemirovitch-Danchenko’s notes and pictures. Meterlink’s “The Blue Bird”, which was first produced in 1908 by K. S. Stanislavsky, has been performed on the MHAT stage for almost 100 years. Tatiana Doronina succeeded both in classical and modern repertoire of the theater. The images she created are contradictory, full of femininity and dramatic effect. Her creative work is distinguished for its exigent attitude towards the past, strong desire to perceive in it the reasons of the modern Russia’s misfortunes and sufferings. The theater follows the main principles of its founders and remains public.

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3, Kamergerskiy per.
229-87-60, 229-53-70

Gorky Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre

M Tverskaya

The sister theatre of the MHAT imeni Chekhov, also under the direction of Tat’yana Doronina. Repertoire includes works by Stanislavskii, Bulgakov and Ostrovskii. Particularly recommended is“The Invisible Friend”.

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22, Tverskoy bulv.
203-62-22 (administrator)

The Satirikon Theater

M Rizhskaya

The Satirikon Theater emerged in Moscow playbills in 1987. The theater took much from its predecessor – Arkady Raikin’s Theater of Miniatures. Momentary change of the “mask” and character, saturation of psychological and physical action – all that is a unique legacy the theater keeps carefully. The style of the theater can be determined through the following phenomena: improvisation, incredible plasticity, musicality. Constantin Raikin – the artistic manager of the theater – staged a lot of plays: Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, J.-B. Moliere’s “Quartette”. A monoperformance “A Contrabass” starring C. Raikin was numerously rewarded with different theater prizes. R. Sturua, P. Fomenko and V. Fokin’s performences stand in the playbill of the theater. B. Brecht’s “A Threepence Opera” was staged by a famous cinema actor V. Mashkov. During the last ten years the troop of the theater has participated in more than 20 international and Russian festivals, among which there were festivals in Berlin and Stuttgard, Vrotslav and Moscow, “The Bitef” festival in Belgrade. Today “Satirikon” is one of the most visited theaters in Moscow.

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8, Sheremetevskaya ul.
289-78-44, 289-78-36

Sovremennik (Contemporary) Theatre

M Chistiye Prudy

The Sovremennik was created in 1956 by a group of young actors under Oleg Efremov’s guidance. This was the first theater, which made its appearance in soviet Russia after Stalin’s death not by the upper strata instructions, but thanks to strong will of its creators. Aesthetic and ethic program of the theater is consentrated in its title. The theater aims to be interesting and necessary to the modern spectator, to speak out loud about urgent, topical problems. “Sovremennik” succeeded greately in forming the aesthetics of “Russian neorealism”. Marina Neelova, Lia Akhedgakova, Chulpan Khamatova, Valentin Gaft, Igor Kvasha and Avangard Leontiev are among the leading actors of the theater. “Sovremennik” is very often on tour both about Russia and abroad. Its tour about the United States of America is especially notable. “Sovremennik” was the first Russian theater twice invited to perform its “A Steep Route” after Eugenia Ginsburg and A. P. Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters” and “The Cherry Orchard” in Galina Volchek’s performance on Broadway. “Sovremennik” was awarded the national theater prize “Drama desk award”.

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19a, Chistoprudnyy bulv.
921-64-73, 921-17-90

Mossovet Theater

M Mayakovskaya

The Mossovet Theater is located in the “Aquarium” garden on the crossing of Tverskaya Street and Sadovoe Ring. Mikhail Bulgakov, who lived in the neighbourhood, put his Voland exactly on that stage, where he gave his black magic performance. At the dawn of its existence that was the Moscow province Trade Union Council theater. Yuri Zavadsky – an idol of several generations of theater spectators – has directed the theater up to 1977. The theater destiny was full of flights and falls, bright and sad moments, sometimes real triumphs. The Mossovet theater stars: Vera Maretskaya, Faina Ranevskaya, Rostislav Plyatt, Lubov Orlova formed a whole epoch in the history of Soviet culture. Beginning with the 80s the theater has been headed by Pavel Khomskoy. The new director managed both to preserve the theater refined and intellectual spirit and to introduce modern, exquisite trends. Today several genre tendencies peacefully coexist under one roof. In the theater playbill realistic performances based on classical literature stand together with modern youth and vanguard stagings. About 70 actors form the theater company. Such recognized and well-known actors as Georgy Zhzhenov, Georgy Taratorkin, Eugene Steblov, Valentina Talyzina, Margarita Terekhova and Sergey Yursky are among them.

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16, Bolshaya Sadovaya ul.
200 59 43, 299-36-90

Vakhtangov Theater

M Smolenskaya (Filovskaya Liniya)

This theater bears the name of its founder Eugene Vakhtangov. This prominent theater worker influenced greatly the development of the world dramatic art in the XX century. World famous play Princess Turandote was first performed in 1922. Since then the forth generation of the actors has played it. Just that very performance determined in many respects the improvised style of the theater. An interesting peculiarity of the theater is that almost all the actors who take part in the theater performances are Shukin Theater School graduates. So the company consists of people who hold identical ideas and opinions. The latest performances were produced by Russian outstanding directors P. Fomenko, R. Sturua, R. Viktuk, A. Shapiro, starring People’s artists of the USSR and Russia J. Borisova, M. Ulianov, J. Yakovlev, L. Maksakova, V. Lanovoy. The younger generation is represented by J. Rutberg, M. Sukhanov, S. Makovetsky. They collaborate successfully with a stylish Moscow director Vladimir Mirzoev

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26, Arbat ul.
(495) 241-07-28

Taganka Theater

M Taganskaya

The Theater at Taganka went down in history as a stronghold of free thinking during Khrushev’s “thaw” and Brezhnev’s standstill. The first program performance “A Kind Man from Sesuan” was directed by the theater head director Yuri Lubimtsev. He was known for his aspiration for the development of Meierhold’s, Vakhtangov’s and Brecht’s vanguard traditions. After V. Vysotsky had played Hamlet’s part, the theater obtained universal recognition. The theater blossoming forth is connected with the names of Vladimir Vysotsky, Valery Zolotukhin, Alla Demidova, Nikolay Gubenko, Veniamin Smekhov. The aesthetics of the theater combines publicistic with poetry, open civil enthusiasm with topical forms. The decor of the performances is quite simple, but at the same time very expressive. Personal freedom in its broad sense is a favourite topic of Lubimov. “Taganka” (as the theater is also called) managed to preserve its aesthetics despite strokes of fate. Today the theater and its head director Yuri Lubimov, having endured emigration, splits and its 80th anniversary, bring up a new young company of actors according to old settled principles. The new theater season was opened with “Sokrat. Oracle”, which was first performed in Delphi at the International Theater festival.

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76/21, Zemlyanoy val ul.
(496) 915-10-15, 915-12-17

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