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Moscow - Khabarovsk, Moscow - Ulan-Ude

One of the greatest journeys from West to East, the Moscow Ulan Ude, Moscow Khabarovsk train passes through the great Russian taiga as it crosses the Siberian countryside.  Relax and enjoy the scenery and be prepared for a trip of a lifetime.

Moscow Khabarovsk train
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Train #044 operates between Moscow and Khabarovsk. The trip takes a little more than 6 days and covers 8534 km on the way. 2nd and 3rd class tickets are available on this train.
2nd class consists of a 4-berth compartment. The 3rd class carriages consist of berths all together and open in one coach.

  • 044Э
    Trip time: 152:45 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky
  • 043Э
    Trip time: 147:46 hours
    Moscow Yaroslavsky

Train #081/082 operates between Moscow and Ulan Ude. The train covers the distance of 5488 km in 3 days and 18 hours. 2nd class and 3rd class tickets are available on this train.
2nd class consists of a 4-berth compartment. 3rd class is an open car without any closed compartments with sleeping berths arranged in two levels. Although the train is a non-branded one, it provides high service level.

  • 082И
    Trip time: 97:10 hours
    Moscow Kazansky
  • 081И
    Trip time: 86:08 hours
    Moscow Kazansky

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