Tretyakov Gallery hosts the exhibition dedicated to Vasily Vereshchagin

The largest exhibition in decades dedicated to the painter Vasily Vereshchagin has opened at the Crimean shaft. The visitors will be able to see approximately 500 exhibits from the archives of several thousands of Museums and private collections.
In order to avoid overcrowding of the halls, the tickets are available for purchase within timeframes; they are starting every 30 minutes. Nonetheless, the duration of time spent within the Museum is not limited, so there will be a possibility to look through the exhibition without a rush.
The exhibits have been delivered from Yaroslavl, Perm, St. Petersburg, Kazan and other cities. Now under one roof, there are paintings from 24 collections, including private.
At the exhibition, the paintings are displayed following the principle of a sequence. The "Turkestani" sequence depicts the impressions of the trip to Central Asia. There Vereshchagin has participated in defense of Samarkand, for which he has been rewarded with the Order of Saint George. In his works, he has been depicting the unvarnished truth of war. Svetlana Kapirina comments that: "Vereshchagin has been against the war. By means of his paintings, he has appealed to all of the humanity that wars should be stopped and people should live in peace with each other".
Another sequence is called "The trilogy of execution". From this sequence survived only two paintings, which for a long time were kept without a display. 
The "Japanese" sequence of paintings became final for the artist. He has died in Port Arthur in 1904th.
The entrance tickets to the exhibition are available online at the website of the Gallery. 

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