The new cable car in Moscow offers free rides till 24th of December

The new cable car has been open on 27th of November. The above ground and underground transport have been for a long time available in Moscow. And now there is also an air transport, which is possible to attend free of charge till 24th of December.

The cableway has been constructed over the Moscow River in order to connect the viewing point of the Sparrow Hills and "Luzhniki" stadium. It should ease the access to the top of the hill and become a new landmark of the capital. The downhill skiers and snowboarders will be able to use the new transportation way to bring the equipment uphill. It is also worth to mention the picturesque views that riders can enjoy during the trip. Now the whole trip will take only 5 minutes. Earlier the road from the stadium to the top took 20 minutes by car.

The length of the cableway is 720 meters and it has three boarding stations: "The Sparrow Hills", "New League", and "Luzhniki". The total number of cabins is 35, including two VIP cabins with leather coaches. Till February 2019, cable car functions only for tourists. After that, with the arrival of the snow, it will be open for the snowboarders and the downhill skiers. During that time, the first competitions in freestyle and snowboard should take place.

The cable car continuously moves at the constant speed, that's why boarding works similarly to the ski resorts' cableways when travelers have to jump into the cabin. The round-trip ticket would cost 700 RUB during the weekdays and 800 RUB during the weekends, while the one-way ticket would cost 400 RUB during the weekdays and 500 during the weekends.

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