Pskov Kremlin

The Pskov Kremlin was built from the 13th century on, with most of its medieval walls preserved in their original condition today. The Krom, as Pskov residents call it, is the historical center of the city, and one of the main sites of architectural interest in Russia. When seeing the Kremlin firsthand it really is an awesome site of medieval mastery.

The Kremlin was built on a high narrow cape where the Pskova and Velikaya rivers meet, occupying 7.5 acres all together. The position of the fortress made it almost unassailable, in addition to being on a high cape, the Kremlin was surrounded by water on three sides and adjoined by a ditch and marshes at the southern end.

The Pskov Kremlin was considered one of the strongest fortresses in medieval Europe. It was protected by massive walls measuring an average of 12m high and 4m wide, and had several catacombs. In addition to the walls, the Pskov Kremlin includes seven towers: The Vlasyevskaya, Rybnitskaya, Trinity (Clock Tower), Middle, Kutekroma, Flat and Daumantas’ Towers.

Within the massive walls of the Kremlin rises the 256-foot-tall (78m) Trinity Cathedral, founded in 1138 and rebuilt in the 1690s. The cathedral contains the tombs of saint princes Vsevolod (died in 1138) and Dovmont (died in 1299).

One of the impressive things about the Pskov Kremlin is that it has not been overly restored, and thus much of its original masonary is still exposed. 

Remember next time you're in St. Petersburg, you can take a bus to Pskov and spend a day or two exploring the medieval town with its Kremlin and the beautiful churches and monasteries. It'll be well worth your trip, and you'll see something different and more unusual than most tourists.

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