Russian, Georgian and Uzbek Culinary Packages

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Don't miss the chance to sample some of Russia's and the former Soviet Republic's most fantastic dishes while enjoying your stay in St. Petersburg. Spend an evening at an exquisite Russian, Georgian or Uzbek restaurant while on one of our tours to St. Petersburg.

Georgian cuisine
Plov, uzbek cuisine

Experience Russian cuisine like you have never had before, prepared for you by some of the best chefs in the city. Sample dishes ranging from hearty home style to exquisite gourmet food popular in pre-Revolutionary times. Try dishes such as Borsht, Pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff and many more all served to you in one St. Petersburg's top Russian restaurants in a wonderful atmosphere. You will know you have arrived in Russia with this experience!

Or, take a sensory trip with your taste buds to Russia's southern neighbor Georgia and enjoy the exotic flavors of this mythic country thought to be the birthplace of vineyards and wine. Try Georgia's blend of European, Middle Eastern and uniquely Georgian cooking all originating from deep within the Caucasus Mountains. Dishes include Shashlik - marinated lamb shish kabob, Satsivi a chicken dish using a walnut sauce and many more. Georgian food is simply amazing and like nothing you have experienced before!

Or take a culinary journey to Uzbekistan is Russia's most exotic neighbor. At one of the city's best Uzbek restaurants, try the foods of Central Asia prepared with exotic spices, lamb, rice and other regional ingredients. You must try Uzbekistan's most famous dish Plov or one of the many different Kabobs that are offered. The food and atmosphere of each restaurant selected is authentic and will definitely make your time in Russia unforgettable. We feel that no trip to Russia is complete without having a good Russian and Georgian or Uzbek meal. Enjoy! Ask your tour manager or contact us to book a dinner at one of these excellent restaurants.

Package includes:

  • Transport and reservations at St. Petersburg best Russian, Georgian or Uzbek restaurants

Prices and Terms

Ask your tour reservation specialist to book a dinner at one of these excellent restaurants.

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