Best Places in Russia to Spend the Holiday Season

Winter is at the doorstep and the magic holiday season is coming soon. For those who are planning to visit Russia in this coming season we’d like to recommend several places that are especially beautiful in the winter.

Moscow and St. Petersburg

Christmas tree in the Red Square, bells of Spasskaya Tower, fireworks and thousands of people – all these create an unforgettable holiday atmosphere in Russia’s capita. Besides the Red Square, festivities  take place in VDNKh park, Gorky Park, Sokolniki and many other parks of Moscow. Dozens of Christmas fairs and several large skating rinks greet the visitors.

In St. Petersburg, the main Christmas tree is put up in the Palace Square, and festivities take place on Nevsky Prospekt, the city’s major and most famous street. Christmas fairs are held in the Square of Arts, and Ostrovsky Square; a plenty of concerts, contests and other various activities await you in the Northern Capital


This majestic lake looks incredibly beautiful in winter. A popular place on Baikal for celebrating the New Year is Olkhon Island located right in the middle of the lake. The island is populated by many legends, one of which states that the legendary conqueror Genghis Khan was buried here.

The island offers snowmobile rides, authentic Russian banya (steam bath), rides on ice through the Small Sea and Olkhon Gate as well as sightseeing – of special interest are Kurykanskaya Wall and Shaman Rock. It is also recommended to pay a visit to the fish market where you can buy fresh fish caught in the waters of Lake Baikal.


Winter Karelia is truly unforgettable. Visitors can explore incredibly beautiful forests riding on a snowmobile or in a Reindeer sleigh.

One of the most beautiful places in Karelia is Kivach, the largest waterfall in Europe. It does not freeze in winter and it acquired a truly magic look in cold weather. Water vapor is deposited on the surrounding fir trees overing them with a fluffy frost. Bizarre shaped ice pillars form a gallery of winter art at the foot of the waterfall.

Veliky Ustyug

This town is traditionally considered home to Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) in Russia. Its main attractions are the two houses belonging to the winter wizard. Residence of Ded Moroz is right in the center of Veliky Ustyug and its Patrimony is outside the town in a pine forest. These fabulous houses are visited by over 200 0000 people every year.

In the Patrimony of Ded Moroz one can visit the Workshop, the Zoo, Blacksmith Shop, and Ice Room. Visitors can also try to make their own fabulous gifts and, of course, buy souvenirs. Close to Ded Moroz House is the House of the Wise Owl, Meadow of the Twelve Brothers-Months, Magic Well, and also the  Winter Garden where flowers bloom in winter and all kinds of magic creatures live. 

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