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Elizabeth, Australia
Dear Elena The trip was great, both Irina the guide and Victor the driver were excellent. I saw everything I wanted to. The hotels were very good. All in all a very well run trip. Many thanks.   read more
John, Australia
Hello Elena, We were very happy with all arrangements and enjoyed our couple of weeks in Russia. The improvement in infrastructure in Moscow and St.Petersburg since my last visit 10 years ago, has been remarkable. Irkutsk is a lovely city and we enjoyed our 4 days there.Lake Baikal is well worth a visit. The...   read more
Redley, Sri Lanka
Hi, Thanks a lot for the every thing you have done. You have placed right people at the right place. This was my maiden trip to an overseas country and you have made me very much comfortable. My booking manager was Polina and she is asset to your company. She speaks good...   read more
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St. Petersburg


Purchase your Helsinki Moscow train tickets with Express to Russia easily and safely

St. Petersburg Helsinki train tickets can be purchased up to 45 days in advance of departure
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Trains between Finland and Russia

Trains between Finland and Russia

Moscow - Helsinki

St. Petersburg - Helsinki

The trains listed below are recommended for a quick and efficient Russian train trip into the cities of Moscow or St. Petersburg from Helsinki.  Taking a train from Finland to Russia is one of the most enjoyable rail trips in the country.  The trains are quick and comfortable and the scenery is also quite nice – you travel through pine forests and pass by Russian villages.  To receive Russian train schedules and Russian train ticket prices as well as to have the opportunity to order tickets online, please use our Russian train tickets page or use the search engine on this page.

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St. Petersburg

Allegro train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
782З 06.20 Helsinki 09.47 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 02:27
784З 11.00 Helsinki 14.27 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 02:27
786З 16.00 Helsinki 19.27 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 02:27
788З 20.00 Helsinki 23.27 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 02:27
781М 06.41 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 10.08 Helsinki 04:27
783М 10.31 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 13.58 Helsinki 04:27
785М 15.31 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 18.58 Helsinki 04:27
787М 20.31 Sankt-Peterburg-Finlia 23.58 Helsinki 04:27
Allegro train

High-speed train Allegro is a fast and comfortable way of travelling between Helsinki and St. Petersburg. The train consists of 7 carriages and has a maximum operating speed of 220 kph.
1st and 2nd class seats are available on the train.
The Allegro dining car seats 38 passengers and has three bars for 12 people. The restaurant offers passengers drinks, snacks and hot meals.

Lev Tolstoy train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
031А 18.22 Helsinki 09.19 Moskva Leningradsky 13:57
032А 19.53 Moskva Leningradsky 10.26 Helsinki 15:33
Lev Tolstoy train

The Lev Tolstoy train is an overnight train operating on Moscow to Helsinki route with a stop in Saint Petersburg. Travel time is 13-14 hours depending on direction. The train is run by the Russian Railways. It has VIP 1st, regular 1st class and 2nd class cabins. All the carriages except for VIP 1st class were replaced with new oned in 2014.
The train also has a nice dining car with an authentic Russian menu.
One can get Tax Free Refund on board

St. Petersburg Helsinki trains are a picturesque way of traveling between these cities

Helsinki St. Petersburg train routes and prices are available on our site

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