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Angela and John Dyke
Thank you and your team for making all the arrangements for our trip to Russia this spring. We were in Helsinki on business and wondered how we could combine this trip with a trip to Russia. We contacted you because we had had such good service last year. You took all the stress...   read more
Jo Ann, USA
Dear Express to Russia Team, We would like to thank you for your assistance in planning our trip to visit Russia. Our trip was wonderful and we continue to talk about our experiences often. We were very pleased with all aspects of the trip and enjoyed it very much. We particularly...   read more
Kerry and Jean, New Zealand
Hi Galina, Just a note to say thank you for the fantastic river cruise in August from Moscow to St Petersburg. We had an amazing time - enjoyed every minute of our trip. Loved your country, and are coming back to St Petersburg in early May on a cruise. Thanks for...   read more
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St. Petersburg
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Moscow to St. Petersburg Trains

Trains between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russia’s two largest cities are well connected by an efficiently run and rather quick railway network. There are a great number of Moscow to St. Petersburg trains to choose from. The choice ranges from the elegant Grand Express to Russia’s most famous train, the Red Arrow (Krasnaya Strelya) to the ultra new and high speed Sapsan trains. Express to Russia has specialized in the sale and issuance of tickets for the trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg for over 10 years. We issue e-tickets online as well as paper tickets and can arrange the delivery of paper tickets to you. To search for Russian train tickets and train schedules, just use our train ticket search engine at the top of this page.

Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Below is a list of the most popular and well-known St. Petersburg to Moscow trains. There are day trains with airline type seating and also quite nice overnight sleeper trains. Most trains come with restaurant and/or club carriages which makes the trip between Moscow and St. Petersburg all the more comfortable and entertaining. To browse specific trains, please see the information on individual Moscow to St Petersburg trains below.

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St. Petersburg

Double-Decker train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
005А 22.50 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 06.47 Moskva Leningradsky 07:57
006А 22.50 Moskva Leningradsky 06.50 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08:00
Double-Decker train

Double-Decker trains were launched in Russia in 2013; starting from February, 2015 they operate on Moscow - St.Petersburg route.
The train runs daily. It has only 2nd class carriages - cabins for 4 people. There is a staff car with a compartment equipped specially for disabled passengers and those who accompany them. The train also has a restaurant car. Travelling by this train you can enjoy a high comfort at affordable price. Electronic tickets are available in this train.

Pick the Right Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

Russian train tickets are usually priced depending on the level of service offered aboard. The Russian trains listed below all have great service starting with the more modest and efficient second class sleeper tickets to the quite luxurious first class and VIP tickets. Moscow St. Petersburg train tickets can all be purchased at great prices by using our Russian train search engine at the top of the page.

Express train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
003А 23.30 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08.30 Moskva Leningradsky 09:00
004А 23.30 Moskva Leningradsky 08.30 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 09:00
Express train

The train 003/004 Express is a fast train with an increased level of service operating on St. Petersburg to Moscow route.
The train has VIP 1st, 1st and 2nd class cabins.There is also a restaurant car with a wide range of main courses, salads, desserts and beverages.
Free Wi-Fi is available on board. Russian Train Tickets on this train are available for purchase 60 days before the departure!

Grand Express train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
054Ч 23.40 Moskva Leningradsky 08.35 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08:55
053Ч 23.48 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08.40 Moskva Leningradsky 08:52
Grand Express train

Grand Express is the most luxurious Russian train operating between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
The train has 4 types of VIP cabins and also regular 1st class and 2nd class carriages. This St. Petersburg train has a very nice dining car that serves good meals. Travelers can also order food and drinks to their compartment.
Free Wi-Fi is available on board.

Megapolis train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
020У 00.56 Moskva Leningradsky 09.19 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08:23
019У 00.38 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 09.01 Moskva Leningradsky 08:23
Megapolis train

Express train "Megapolis" #19/20 has been operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg daily since October 2006. The train consists of new modern 1st and 2nd class carriages, produced by Tverskoy Car-Building Factory. The train is managed by Tverskoy Express Company and offers high lever of service and comfort. 1st and 2nd class tickets are available with and without meals.
Free Wi-Fi is available on board.

Red Arrow train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
002А 23.55 Moskva Leningradsky 07.55 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08:00
001А 23.55 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 07.55 Moskva Leningradsky 08:00
Red Arrow train

The Red Arrow is probably the most famous Russian train. This was the first firmenny (branded) train in USSR. The train even has its own theme song that plays as it departs from the station.
The train has VIP 1st, regular 1st and 2nd class carriages. Thre is also a nice restaurant car that serves good meals.
Tickets on this train are available for purchase 60 days before departure.

Sapsan Train between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russia’s newest and most interesting train to date is the high-speed Sapsan Train running between Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are a number of Sapsan trains making this journey. With a speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour and extremely comfortable carriages, the Sapsan is the train of choice for many travelers. The Sapsan makes the trip in around 4 hours but certain Sapsan trains are even quicker. Sapsan train tickets are sold for the following seating categories: Superior first class, Premium first class, Standard first class seats and second class seats. A first class ticket is not even necessary as the second class Sapsan train tickets are decent and comfortable. Read more about the Sapsan below.

Sapsan train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
751А 06.52 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 10.37 Moskva Leningradsky 03:45
753А 07.02 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 10.57 Moskva Leningradsky 03:55
755А 07.12 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 11.32 Moskva Leningradsky 04:20
757А 11.15 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 15.30 Moskva Leningradsky 04:15
763А 13.30 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 17.45 Moskva Leningradsky 04:15
765А 13.40 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 18.00 Moskva Leningradsky 04:20
769А 15.07 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 19.17 Moskva Leningradsky 04:10
771А 19.32 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 23.26 Moskva Leningradsky 03:54
773А 19.42 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 23.36 Moskva Leningradsky 03:54
775А 19.52 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 23.52 Moskva Leningradsky 04:00
752А 06.40 Moskva Leningradsky 10.30 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 03:50
754А 06.50 Moskva Leningradsky 10.50 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:00
756А 07.00 Moskva Leningradsky 11.11 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:11
758А 11.15 Moskva Leningradsky 15.30 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:15
764А 13.30 Moskva Leningradsky 17.45 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:15
766А 13.40 Moskva Leningradsky 18.00 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:20
768А 16.30 Moskva Leningradsky 20.35 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:05
770А 16.40 Moskva Leningradsky 20.50 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:10
772А 19.30 Moskva Leningradsky 23.29 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 03:59
774А 19.40 Moskva Leningradsky 23.43 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:03
776А 19.50 Moskva Leningradsky 23.56 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 04:06
Sapsan train

Sapsan is a high-speed electric train that operates on Moscow to St. Petersburg and Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod routes. There are several trains daily; the trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg takes 4 hours. The train offers several classes: Premium 1st class, Superior 1st class, Regular 1st class and 2nd class. There is a bistro on board.

Smena-A.Betankur train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
025А 23.36 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 07.26 Moskva Leningradsky 07:50
026А 22.42 Moskva Leningradsky 06.32 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 07:50
Smena-A.Betankur train

Smena train was named in honor of 65th anniversary of a popular Russian youth magazine. The train has an interesting tradition: only graduates of the St Petersburg State Transport University work here. In November of 2009, the name was changed to Smena–A.Betankur.
There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages on the train, and also a restaurant carriage. The trip takes 7 hours 50 minutes.

Two Capitals train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
063А 23.01 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 06.40 Moskva Leningradsky 07:39
064А 22.10 Moskva Leningradsky 06.20 Sankt-Peterburg Glavny 08:10
Two Capitals train

Firmeny train Two Capitals operates along the Moscow - St-Petersburg route since 2005.
The train has 1st, 2nd and 3rd class carriages plus a restaurant carriage. All compartments have air conditioning and heating.
Two Capitals train is less expensive compared with other trains along this popular route.

Russian train tickets

Whichever St. Petersburg to Moscow train that you purchase a Russian train ticket for, we are certain that you will enjoy your trip. The entire Russian train system is massive and as mentioned above, quite efficiently run. Train travel not only between St. Petersburg and Moscow but throughout Russia is the most popular form of travel in the country. You will certainly enjoy relaxing in your comfortable seat while watching the striking Russian countryside roll by. If you have any questions about our Russian train tickets or any of the specific trains, please feel free to contact us or use our Russian train ticket search and booking engine. See you in Russia!

Hello everyone, this is Figen from Izmir, Turkey. My connection with Express to Russia dates back to September 2013 when I started planning our trip to Russia in May 2014 !!! While surfing the web to find out how to buy train tickets, I came accross this agency and after a few e-mail exchanges I realized they would be perfect for assisting me in our trip. So, I booked our train tickets Moscow - Petersburg - Moscow for the month of May, so many months ago. When the time came, they bought my tickets and mailed them to me, plus, they refunded me, which I appreciated very much. They work with utmost integrity and attention to details. If anyone would like to travel to Russia without problems, they should contact Express to Russia. As simple as that :) All the best ...

Figen Demiragli

We bought our train tickets from Saint Petersburg to Moscow via Express to Russia. The service provided was excellent: they emailed us to confirm some details, bought the tickets for us and even reimbursed us because the price for the tickets was lower. We haven't taken the train yet but for the moment, we are really happy with their service!

Ingrid Cerdeño, Spain
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