On the quest to literacy — Totalny Diktant

The Totalny Diktant is an annual educational event. The initiative aims to increase interest to study the Russian language and to let people know that the study process is not easy but can be fun and interesting. It unites people who would like to study together. The grammar check takes place on a certain date with collective writing of the text, while the educational part is brought several months in advance in classrooms across the country, and online at the online-school throughout the year.

The Totalny Diktant is an initiative, which is supported by the joint efforts of volunteers and activists. Every year, the unique text for the Totalny Diktant is being created by the prominent author. Earlier, the organizers of Totalny Diktant, used texts written by the Russian authors, such as Dmitry Bykov, Zakhar Prilepin, Boris Strugatsky, Dina Rubina, Alexey Ivanov, and others.

The event has been created by the Novosibirsk Student Society in the Humanities Department in the 2000s. Now from the small initiative, it has evolved into a global flash mob. Everyone can take part in the event despite the age, race and religious background. The Total Diktant is organized across the world in different locations and also is being aired online.

This years' Totalny Diktant has been held on 13th of April with 81 participating countries, in over 1200 cities and 3939 spaces. In Russia alone, 186 150 people took part in the dictation, while abroad in the initiative took part 26 000 people. Now everyone can receive a result of their effort and begin online practice for the next year's try.

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