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Dudley Naumowicz, UK
Enjoyed our stay in the Moscow apartment   read more
Vic Lipski, Wellington, New Zealand
Over a period of two months we found the City Realty agents unfailingly helpful in a complicated transaction that was much more to our advantage than it was to City Realtys. I will readily recommend them to anyone because of their integrity and excellent service.   read more
Dudley Naumowicz, UK
Enjoyed our stay in the Moscow apartment   read more
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we accept



Embajada de Rusia en Brasilia: Avenida das Nacoes, SES, lote A, Quadra 801,Brasilia - DF, Brasil CEP 70476 - 900
Teléfono: (8-10-5561) 3223-3094, 3223-4094,(8-10-5561) 3223-5094
Fax: (8-10-5561) 3226-7319, (8-10-5561) 3223-5094
Correo electrónico:,

Consulado General en Rio de Janeiro: Rua Professor Azevedo Marques, 50 - Leblon, CEP.:22450-030, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brasil
Teléfono: (8-10-5521) 2274-00-97
Fax: (8-10-5521) 2294-49-45
Correo electrónico:

Consulado General en Sao Paulo: Avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, 1366, CEP 05601-001 Jardim Everest, Sao-Paulo, SP, Brasil
Teléfono: (8-10-5511) 3814-4100, 3814-1246
Fax: (8-10-5511) 3814-1246
Correo electrónico:

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